Producer Society features music production tutorials for GarageBand, Logic, and FL Studio, but that’s not at all. It’s also a one-stop location for budding producers and musicians who want to learn everything from music theory and social media marketing to how to monetize their passion.

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Founded by Andrew Siemon

ABOUT Producer Society

The fundamental goal of Producer Society is to take a beginner music producer’s hand and walk them all the way from the beginning where you’re just figuring out how to record at home, to being able to make music independently using some of the most popular DAWs.

This includes collaborating with other producers and musicians, learning to market your work online, and ultimately being able to make a living from their work, all without having to spend money on expensive degrees or certifications which may or may not be helpful

Learn music theory and how to apply it, including scales and chords, songwriting, and other disciplines, as well as how to market your music to the masses using platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, TikTok….”

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Andrew Siemon 

Hey, I’m Andrew and I founded this site back in 2018 after years of playing the guitar seriously and applying myself to general music production.

I created this site because I have something to contribute to this industry and I want to share it.

I want to teach what I know and learn what I don’t know from others. And I want to work with other like-minded people.

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