About Producer Society

What Is Producer Society About?

Producer Society is a website featuring music production tutorials, usually regarding Garageband, the music production software from Apple Computers.

At this time, the website primarily concerns itself with tutorials, guides, and walk-throughs for Garageband, however, at some point in the future, the site will branch out into other software, including FL Studio, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools.

There are even some articles that briefly brush on music theory concepts useful for every producer, without getting bogged down in the minutia.

If you’re looking to get started using Garageband, I would recommend checking out the article, A Simple Beginner’s Tutorial For Garageband.

The Aim Of Producer Society

Producer Society is a site with tutorials, guides, as well as useful tips that help you in your first steps into the world of music production.

When looking at other tutorials online, it’s not uncommon for them to be somewhat incomplete.

In other words, it’s almost as if they show you the path, but just part of the way, and you end up feeling lost in the dark half-way.

Producer Society, however, has useful diagrams and custom images that help you with every step. Each image is created by the author of the website, including helpful captions so you don’t get lost in translation.

Additionally, there’s a YouTube channel for this website called Producer Society. Around 70% of the articles come with a YouTube video for more help and walk-throughs. Click this link here to check out the Producer Society channel.

Rather than trying to confuse readers with sophisticated terminology that only a certain sub-section of audio engineers understand, Producer Society aims to teach concepts, practices, and principles, in a way that everyone can understand, including total beginners, intermediate users, and so on.

Each post on the site is different from other music production sites in the sense that there are step-by-step guides for how to do nearly everything.

The site covers a ton of different topics, including mixing, DAW-Mastering, beat-making, recording, and general music production.

Furthermore, I’m active in the subreddit on Reddit, r/Garageband, as well as the r/Guitar subreddit. If you have any specific inquiries, questions, or suggestions, you can post them on them either in the comment section on this site, or in Reddit, and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

The Future Of Producer Society

As was noted above, Producer Society will soon touch on more topics and software. As the site grows, both in size as well as on topics and subjects, there will be content specifically for more than one type of music producer.