About Andrew Siemon

Andrew Siemon is a writer, music producer, and guitarist, and is the creator of both Producer Society as well as Traveling Guitarist.

My Career Story

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I grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada, where I spent the vast majority of my time playing guitar, jamming with my friends, before going on to school at the University Of Toronto, where I studied Political Science as my specialist, and French as my minor.

I took guitar lessons from when I was 10 until 18, around one year before I finally went off to school. When I lived in my small-town, I worked a lot of odd jobs, including on farms, in factories, and construction.

During my time at University, I never stopped playing guitar but ended up slowing down as the years went by. Once I graduated from university, I worked in the nightlife industry for close to two years-and-a-half in Montreal, Canada, and admittedly I stopped playing guitar during this time.

I finally discovered Garageband which played a huge role in getting me back into music. After spending two years with the software, really learning the ins and outs of it, I realized that I had learned a lot, and there wasn’t a lot of information out there with a few exceptions.

After building my first website, which was more of a general blog about a little bit of everything, I chose to build Producer Society and really get serious about it.

My goal with this website is to cut the learning curve in half for other people looking to learn how to create music with a DAW.

My Personal Story

I live in Montreal, Canada, and spent another 5 years of my life in Mississauga, Ontario, which is a small city outside of Toronto. Once I graduated from University, I moved to Montreal right away without even going to my graduation.

I spent the vast majority of my time writing articles for Producer Society and my other site, Traveling Guitarist, in addition to going out with my friends.

You’ll notice I blocked my last name out, just because I was uncomfortable with sharing my name initially.

My family lives back in Ontario, Canada, whereas my sister lives in Ontario with my family and my older brother lives out in Western Canada.

Other than working on music, whether it’s music theory, music production, or just practicing my chops on the guitar, I like to go out on weekends, hit the gym during the week, read books, listen to podcasts in my industry, and studying music theory on my own.

After studying music theory for around a year, I did a test for Advanced Rudiments and managed to get that certificate.