About Andrew Siemon

Andrew Siemon is a writer, music producer, and guitarist, and is the creator of both Producer Society as well as Traveling Guitarist.

My Career Story

I grew up in a small farm town out in rural, Ontario, Canada where there wasn’t a whole lot to do. As a kid, I really grew to hate it (like you hear from anyone who talks about growing up in a small town), but now I look back at it kind of fondly for reasons I’ll touch on in a minute.

I spent a good portion of my time playing the guitar, jamming with a good friend of mine, and getting into all kinds of shenanigans before I finally left to Mississauga in 2010, I believe, to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Political Science was my specialist and French was my minor, although, I probably should’ve just stuck with Political Science, to be honest with you (French is hard). In the backdrop of all of this, I always played the guitar and had a fascination with music. I took guitar lessons from when I was about 10-years-old until I was 18, and I was obsessed with Nirvana and Metallica.

I definitely had a brief phase where I was obsessed with the Seattle “Grunge” thing, but it was Metallica that really got me into the musician-side of music, so to speak. I bought all of the Metallica transcription books that I could find and played them religiously. Eventually, I got into more bands from that genre and then that was it – straight-up hooked.

When I lived in my small-town, I worked a lot of odd jobs, including on farms, in factories, and in construction very briefly. During my time at University, I never stopped playing guitar but ended up slowing down as the years went by. Once I graduated from university, I worked in the nightlife industry for close to two years and a half in Montreal, Canada, and admittedly I stopped playing guitar during this time.

I finally discovered Garageband which played a huge role in getting me back into music. After spending two years with the software, really learning the ins and outs of it, I realized that I had learned a lot, and there wasn’t a lot of information out there with just a few exceptions.

After building my first website, which was more of a general blog about a little bit of everything, I chose to build Producer Society, and then I really got serious about it. My goal with this website is to cut the learning curve in half for other people looking to learn how to create music with a DAW.

After studying music theory for around a year, I did a test for Advanced Rudiments and managed to get that certificate. These days, I’m pretty focused on musicianship and music production – although, I definitely read a lot more on other topics – and I’m always learning more about this field. There’s no question that you’ll see more certificates on this page as time goes on. In fact, I’m currently enrolled in Mixxin Academy’s Music Production Certificate which you can check out here.