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How to Download the Available Soundpacks for GarageBand (iPhone/iPad)

Written By : Andrew Siemon

GarageBand for iPhone and iPad offers a treasure trove of soundpacks to improve your music projects. And it’s really straightforward to download all of them (assuming you have enough storage space on your device).

To download soundpacks for GarageBand iOS, in the Sound Browser, go to the “Sound Library” icon by scrolling left. Click on it, and you’ll see a list of all the soundpacks. Tap the one you want, then hit the “Get” button. Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and also check you have enough space.

How to Access the Sound Library

1) Open GarageBand & Then Open Your Project

1) Open GarageBand & Then Open Your Project.jpg
Start the app on your iPhone or iPad and then choose either a new project, or one of the projects that you’re working on.

If you’re already in your project. You’ll want to go directly to the Sound Browser page, which is the part of the interface where you select all of your instrument and sound types.

Sound Browser in GarageBand iOS
The Sound Browser icon looks like this. I used to wonder why it looked like that, but now that I think about it, makes sense.

2) Scroll Left in the Sound Browser to Find the “Sound Library”

2) Scroll Left in the Sound Browser to Find the
You can find the Sound Library by clicking on this one right here. It’s usually sandwiched between the Keyboard and External Devices.

3) Explore the Soundpacks

3) Explore the Soundpacks
You’ll see a list of soundpacks, including various instruments and loops.

Click on the specific soundpack you want to try, and then you’ll enter the following interface that you can see in the next image.

General Overview of the Sounds of a Sound Pack
Preview the soundpack. See what’s in them, what they sound like & read descriptions of each soundpack and whether it’s worth downloading.

4) Select “Manage Packs” in the Top Left

4) Select
Manage Soundpacks is the button you want to press if you want to actually start downloading some of these.

5) Tap the “Get” Button to Begin Downloading

5) Tap the
Tap “Get” to download the soundpack. You just have to wait for it from there.

Some Troubleshooting Solutions to Soundpack Problems

1) Issues with Downloading?

Pausing the Soundpack Download Due to Issues
If a download stalls, try pausing and resuming. Restart the app if needed.

2) Missing Soundpacks?

2) Redownload GaraegBand from the App Store
If you can’t find a soundpack, update GarageBand to the latest version or delete it and re-download it again to see if the Soundpacks get refreshed.

It’s also possible that you’re using an iPad that’s simply too old. This can cause all kinds of random problems that are unexplainable.

3) Use Reputable Wi-Fi

For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve had issues downloading soundpacks in GarageBand in shopping malls and some other commercial areas. I’ve even had trouble accessing my own website in shopping malls.

In cases such as these, I’ll use my phone’s cell signal as a personal hotspot instead of the Wi-Fi. I have a good cell phone plan though; you may be unable to accomodate that much data.

Either way, you want to use WIFI that you know, for a fact, is high-quality.

Any thoughts, comments, or questions ? Let me know in the comment section below. It would be great if you could share which soundpacks you’ve discovered and how they’ve influenced your projects.

Your insights could help other people.

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