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How to Loop in FL Studio Mobile [3-Min Read] 

Written By : Andrew Siemon

It took me a hot minute to figure out how to loop in FL Studio Mobile, but I eventually got it.

To loop in FL Studio Mobile, click on the MIDI/audio clip with your finger just once until the two grey dots appear on both sides. Grab the grey dot on the right, then drag the clip until it’s as large or small as you want it to be, depending on how many times you would like for it to repeat.

But wait, there’s more to it. It’s super important that you ensure the beginning of your loop has zero dead space, at least if you want your loop to repeat in a seamless fashion. If there is any dead space at the beginning of the loop, of course, you’ll see that the dead space repeats as well, which isn’t what we really want.

How to Loop in FL Studio Mobile – [Step-By-Step]

How to Loop in FL Studio Mobile - with iPad
I’m using FL Studio Mobile on my 11” iPad Pro 2021 1TB (on my Product Page), but if you’re using the phone version instead, it shouldn’t be terribly different.

1) Ensure There Is No Dead Space At The Beginning Of Your Loop

By ”dead space,” I’m referring to the empty part of the Clip. If your bar is filled with space where there are notes, your loop won’t be seamless.

There are a couple of ways of ensuring there is no dead space or emptiness, whatever you want to call it, at the beginning of your loop. You can long-press on the clip, select ”Edit,” and then access the Piano Roll.

Edit - How to Loop in GarageBand iOS
Make your loops a particular number of bars, ie, most people create music in 4/4 which means there is 4 bars in a measure.

From there, you can long-press the Playlist and then drag a rectangular box around every single note and move them toward the beginning of the bar.

Select All Notes - How to Loop in FL Studio Mobile
I find that I have to move the notes back sometimes when I record. I haven’t figured out how to do a proper count-in yet so I can start recording right on the 1st beat.

This will give you a seamless loop when you want to. The next thing you can do is select all the notes again and make them longer. Moving on from that, after you’ve ensured you have a perfect loop that’ll sound good when it’s repeated, you just have to tap on the clip.

2) Tap on the Audio or MIDI Clip Until The Exterior Grey Dots Appear

By clicking on the bar, you’ll get a grey dot to appear on the right side. This lets you know that the bar is ready to be looped, extended, or retracted if you want.

3) Pull on the Grey Dots to the Right to Extend the Clip

Looping the Clip - How to Loop in FL Studio Mobile
When you start pulling the ball over, it’ll begin looping.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that you could also copy and paste the notes again to increase the length of the bar.

To do this, copy all of the notes by selecting all of them with the long-press rectangular box, as I showed you before. Long-press on the playlist where you want to paste the notes and a little circular shape will pop up with the word ”Paste” on it. Click on it.

This will extend the length of your loop, but I don’t really consider this as a fast loop, it’s just copying and pasting the notes to make it longer. Ultimately, looping in FL Studio Mobile is a lot like creating a loop in GarageBand iOS, it just takes a minute to figure out the minute differences.

One of the main differences between FL Studio Mobile and GarageBand iOS in this regard is that the former doesn’t automatically snap to the grid; you have to set it up that way. It’s also harder to find the beginning of the loop after having pressed on the ”Edit” button to access the Piano Roll.

Another difference I’d like to point out is how you can zoom in and out on the FL Studio Mobile playlist, either to make it wider or longer. As a matter of fact, I really appreciate that feature of FL Studio Mobile and consider it as a leg up on GarageBand iOS. Let’s dive into how to do that now.

How to Make Your Loop Longer in FL Studio Mobile

As I said, one great feature of FL Studio Mobile is the flexibility and versatility of the Playlist, which is the equivalent to the Workspace in GarageBand iOS.

You can zoom in on the Playlist or zoom out, and during this process, you can choose the length of your bars, phrases, your entire song, as well as your loop. This means your song would be 97 bars long if you wanted, 350, or just 10 bars.

In simple terms, the zoom in/out feature allows you to change the length of what you’re working on, which is something that all mobile DAWs should use, in my opinion.

Extending the Project - How to Loop in GarageBand iOS
To make your loop or your clip longer in FL Studio Mobile, put two fingers, spread apart, on the screen and then close them in together. This will extend the length of your project. You can then increase the length of your loop as much as you want.
Zoom In - How to Loop in FL Studio Mobile
The same principle applies but in opposite fashion for making clips shorter. To make your FL Studio Mobile project or loop shorter, put two fingers together on the screen and then spread them apart to zoom in on the project. This will also have the effect of shortening your clips or loops.

if you’re familiar with GarageBand iOS, you know that it doesn’t quite work this way. Instead, you have to type in the number of bars you’d like which is a bit of an inconvenience. GarageBand iOS is better at saving loops though, and I’ll show you how FL Studio Mobile does that now.

How to Save A Loop In FL Studio Mobile

In this case, the first thing you’ll probably have to do is eliminate the other Channels, or in other words, the other tracks.

I haven’t figured out how to export or save just one Channel in FL Studio Mobile, although, as I write, I’m thinking that you could probably just Solo the track and export it that way as I explained in my collaboration guide, but I digress.

1) Press on the FL Studio Mobile Icon

The FL Icon - How to Loop in GarageBand iOS
Press on the FL Studio Mobile icon on the top-right of the interface. This will open the menu, settings, shop, and the files for importing and exporting.

2) Choose Save

Then you want to choose ”Save”

3) Name Your File and Then Select Which File Type You’d Like To Use

New Song (WAV) - How to Loop A Song in FL Studio Mobile
You can name your file as you please, and then choose which type of file you’d like to send it as.

Once you’ve picked your file style, click ”Send.” Depending on what type of file you select, you’ll be given different options. If you want to save it as a project, choose ”FLM” which stands for FL Studio Mobile. All of the other files, except for MIDI, are audio formats, ie, MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.

4) Choose Full Song, Selection, or Trim Silence, Then Send It To Your Files

Save to Files - How to Loop A Song in FL Studio Mobile
Save it to your Files application. If you haven’t already downloaded the Files App, do so now.

Optional – You Can Also Choose the Quality, Normalization, or Split the Mixer Tracks

Normalize, High Quality, Split Mixer - How to Loop in FL Studio Mobile
Choose which normalization level, quality, etc.

Similar to the desktop version of FL Studio, saving a project or a file gives you a few different options which is nice. One is that you can save the entire song if you want, just a selection, or you can choose to send your project to someone through email.

This is a lot like GarageBand iOS, but everything is set up just a bit different. Another thing is that you can actually choose MIDI and FLAC, unlike GarageBand iOS which has fewer options.

For instance, you can’t export MIDI out of GarageBand iOS like you can in FL Studio Mobile (nor can you with the macOS version as I explained in my guide on the subject), and the same thing goes for the desktop versions as well.

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1) 11” iPad Pro 2021 1TB (on my Product Page)

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