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How to Reset An Audio Clip in FL Studio (Pitch, Time, Mul)

Written By : Andrew Siemon

If you’ve ever edited an audio clip in FL Studio, whether by stretching it, changing the pitch, or using the multiplier option, you may have struggled to bring it back to its default state. It’s actually pretty simple.

To reset a sample in FL Studio after having adjusted the pitch or time of the clip, you first must bring up the Channel Settings window by double-clicking the audio clip or track header. Right-click the knobs Time, Pitch, or MUL, then choose “Reset.” Each knob responds to the parameter.

How to reset an audio clip in FL Studio after adjusting the time, pitch, or the multiplier - gif
This short video shows you how to reset the clip back to its default state after having changed the pitch or tempo (if you’re on mobile, turn your device sideways to make the video bigger).

How to Reset A Sample or Audio Clip Back to Normal

For clarity’s sake, I’m going to show you how to do the same process in a step-by-step format, that way I can share additional tips and tell you some other important details.

1) Double-click the Audio Clip to Bring Up the Channel Settings Window

Click the Audio Clip  - 1
Either the audio clip or the track header will work fine for bringing up the Channel Settings window.

As I explained in my other guide that was specifically on resetting a time-stretched clip, you have to double-click the clip or the track header to bring up the window.

It’s called the “Channel Settings” window, but you could also call it the sampler as well, although, it’s important to understand that the “Channel Settings” window is not the Edison sampler.

The Channel Settings window is the interface for the settings inside the Channel Rack, whereas the Edison sampler is a fully-featured sampler that can do a lot more.

2) Right-click the Time, Pitch, or MUL Knob to Reset the Parameter

Resetting the Time, Mul, and Pitch Knobs

Which knob you turn depends on which parameter you have changed thus far. For instance, if you have time-stretched the audio sample, you’ll need to right-click the “Time” knob and then hit “Reset.”

But if you’ve changed the pitch, you’ll need to “Reset” the Pitch knob instead. If you try and Reset one of the other knobs for a change that you haven’t actually made, it won’t work. In other words, a time-stretched sample won’t go back to default if you’ve changed the pitch.

1 Quick Tip for Stretching and Changing Audio in FL Studio

The Stretch Icon
Click this little icon to re-engage the time-stretching feature.

If you find that re-sizing the audio clip doesn’t appear to work anymore, it could be because you’ve accidentally turned off the “Stretch” feature. You can do this by clicking on the tiny waveform icon that’s on the top-left of the audio clip in the Playlist.

How to Reset An Edited Audio Clip Back to Its Original

Drag in the Audio Demo
If you’ve changed the audio clip by cutting it up or altering it in some way, you can click on the file in the file browser to the left of the Playlist as shown here and then drag it back into the Playlist.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to drag the clip back into the Playlist after having deleted the remnants of the original one first.

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