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How to Move All Tracks Back Simultaneously in GarageBand

Written By : Andrew Siemon

To move all your tracks back simultaneously in GarageBand, what you want to do is use (Command + A) on your keyboard to select all of your regions, and then drag and drop them back to where you want them. You can also drag a selection box around the regions to do the same thing.

If my brief snippet and YouTube video aren’t enough for you, don’t sweat it, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process for it now.

How to Move All Your GarageBand Regions

1) Use Command + A (or your mouse) to Select All of the Regions

1) Selection Box in GarageBand .jpg
You can either use a selection box as shown here, or you can use “Command + A” like I mentioned which will be much faster.

I prefer to use commands because they’re always more efficient. It also saves you from having to move around in your project, which is convenient if you’ve zoomed into a specific area and you’d rather not zoom out.

2) Use Your Mouse (Track Pad) to Move Them As You See Fit

3) Use the Longest Regions .jpg
Then you just move them like this. It’s not rocket science.

3) Use the One Furthest Left or Right as a Measurement

A quick tip for you is to do what I’ve suggested above.

This will give you an idea of where you’re dragging your region to. This will come in handy because it’s not always clear (unless you’re really zoomed in).

1 Important Thing to Note – The Automation Won’t Move With It

Automation in GarageBand macOS
Unfortunately, there is no way (that I’m aware of) to move all of the automation with your regions.

If you want to move all of your automation with your regions, you have to do them one at a time.

To do this, you’ll press “A” on your keyboard to bring up the automation lines. From there, you’ll have to make a selection box around all of the points, click in the center of the points that you want to move, and then drag them over.

There is an art to this, because sometimes the automation points won’t move the way you want them to. I find that dragging the automation points from the center, or in other words, in between all of the points, is the only way to move them.

If you try to drag all of them from the left or right, it’ll end up just changing the entire automation line. In this case, you can use Command + Z to redo the mistake, which I know you’ll make with no doubt because I’ve done it many times.

See the video that I shared earlier for a reference point. I show you how to do it near the middle of the video.

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