NEVER STRUGGLE WITH music production On your own AGAIN

Music Producer

Never Struggle By Yourself Again

Use the resources available to you to effectively and efficiently solve problems. Don't make music harder than it needs to be by trying to do everything on your own.

no more doomed google searches

Avoid the fruitless Google Search. There's nothing more frustrating than pouring through hours of articles and forums only to come up empty-handed.

Save Hours and Hours of Wasted Time

Rather than wasting hours of your time looking for the solution on your own, get immediate feedback to make sure you're on the right track so you can get back to your goals.

Get a fast, simple, solution

Get a custom-made video that walks you through the solution step-by-step, that way you don't get lost at any part of the process.

Get a response within 24 hours

Don't worry about wait times. Before the comprehensive follow-up that comes after, I'll make sure you get an introductory response within 24 hours.

Get help for a full month

Rather than just receiving a video and that's it, you'll have email access for 30 days, so there is plenty of time to fix your problem or even others for that matter.


For 30 days, you can send an email asking any question, including how to fix various problems, gear recommendations, and more.


Get a custom-made video that walks you through the process step-by-step, that way you don’t get lost at any part of the process


How this is different................

There’s a good chance that I’ve already worked through the problems you’ve had before. 

You’ll have access to someone who can help you answer questions and find solutions for a full month. 

Rather than trying to do everything by yourself all of the time, you’ll have someone to guide you and help through whatever it is that you’re struggling with. 

This can save you hours and hours of your life, and to be frank, there is a chance that searching on your own for hours wouldn’t yield the solution anyway. Make your life easier and book a consultation today. 

What my clients say

Not that long ago, I sent an email to Andrew about how I would set up my dad's old MIDI keyboard with my computer and he sent me to his consulting page. At first I was a bit hesitant, but I knew I'd need some help with it. I signed up for a consultation and he sent me a 10 minute long video. It was great because it was a personal video that answered everything, and I also asked a bunch more questions afterward about how to get started with music production.
When I first got into making music, I found it tough to really get started because I didn't want to spend money on gear that I didn't need. I'm definitely the frugal type. I've played guitar for awhile so I just wanted the bare-bones equipment for recording in my room. Andrew was really helpful because he gave me a big list of the exact gear that I needed with all of the guitars and stuff that I had.
I've worked with Andrew for about a year and a half now, and it started out with me hitting him up via email because I was looking for some help mixing. Fast-forward 2 years or so, and he's done almost two dozen mixes for me. If I ever have a question about something and I can't find it on Google, I'll talk to him about it. Not only did I find someone to mix my tracks, but I also gained a friend from it too.
I've read a lot of articles on Andrew's website and it has been super helpful but I wanted to learn a little bit more about music theory. I booked a consultation with him and he gave me a full breakdown of the kinds of things I should learn, with no fluff. I really appreciated it because there's just so much information online and it's hard to figure out what's worth my time.

Let's Get Started

The video tutorial is a video specially made for you where I respond to any question or query. You can ask me about anything that you want and I’ll respond with a dedicated video. Essentially, this is a way for me to give detailed answers to my readers’ questions. 

In the case that you need help with how to do something specific related to music production, gear, audio equipment, music theory, or Garageband, the video tutorial is meant to show you a step-by-step process for whatever it is that you need help with.

For example, if you’re having latency issues, I’ll show you all of the different ways this problem can be solved, or maybe you just want my opinion on a particular topic or you need someone to explain what a key signature is to you. 

The 30-Day Email Support guarantees that you can email me with any other queries in the following month after the consultation call has been booked and delivered.

The idea behind this is to wrap up any loose ends, that way anything unclear has been cleared up or residual problems have been solved. Additionally, you can ask me questions about whatever else you want during this time frame.

I’ll typically respond within 24 hours of receiving the order

For 30 days, you can email me as much as you’d like.

After placing your order, I’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours to find out what it is that you need help with. Then, I’ll send a video response to your query including a tutorial (if the situation calls for it) – followed by 30 days of email support where you can email back and forth with me for as much as you’d like. 

And for a limited time, you’ll get my custom-made music theory chart which includes what I believe are some of the most useful music theory principles, anagrams, scales, and intervals. 

By booking a call with me, you’re free to ask about really anything you want to. For example, maybe you’ve created a new song and you want someone to critique it. Or maybe you have a question that you haven’t found the answer to anywhere.

This is for anyone who wants to communicate with me about a specific problem or issue. 

Yes, and really that’s a big reason why I decided to create this. If you need me to personally help you with a specific issue, or you need an in-depth explanation of a concept, place an order and I’ll do my best to help you out. 

You can book as many calls as you like.