Help Wanted – Hiring

If you’re on this website, chances are that you’re either interested in learning about music production or you’re already pretty good at it, but you needed the answer to one question and it just so happened to be on this website.

To put it simply, I’m looking to hire writers, people that know about subjects like, music theory, music production, mastering, mixing, audio engineering, beat-making, guitar-playing, and more. I need people who care about music in its many forms because these are the people who make the best content.

Do you care a lot about music and enjoy writing about it, reading about it, and studying it? If so, this is a pretty good gig for you. You don’t even need to be an expert in any of these subjects, you just have to be interested in music, how it’s made, the music business, or some combination of all three (or less).

For instance, if you’re really good at playing an instrument as nuanced as the flute, you’d probably be great at making content for the site.

Requirements to Work for Producer Society

  1. Fluent in English or a native English speaker
    – This is non-negotiable.
    – I prefer if you’re a native English speaker, but if you’re fluent in English and can show that in your writing, I can take you on.
  2. A decent writer.
    – You don’t need to be the best writer in the world to make good content, but you should at least be able to communicate via text. If you text your friends/family a lot, you’re probably more than capable.
  3. A musician or associated with the music industry in some way.
    – If you’re a musician, you love music, or you work in the music business in some capacity (DJ, bassist, pianist, audio engineer, beat-maker, concert promoter, etc).
    – Knowing how to use a DAW like FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Garageband, Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools, etc, is a big plus but not necessarily a requirement.

Perks of Writing for Producer Society

1) No hourly schedule.

2) Write as many articles as you want.

3) Paid by word – the longer and more in-depth the article, the more you get paid.

3) Prompt and reliable payment (USD via PayPal).

4) Remote work.

5) Flexible deadlines.

6) Perfect part-time (or full-time job) for:
– the touring musician
– travelers
– university students
– someone who needs extra money on the side

What the Job Requires of You

1) One article per week minimum.
– You could write 2 articles in one week and take the next week off after if you wanted. Or you could even write four articles in a week and not submit anything for a whole month.

2) Must respond promptly (within 24-48 hours) when asked to fix errors

3) Understanding of Microsoft Word, Pages, and similar writing platforms

4) Must be willing to listen and then make appropriate changes.

Submit applications and resumes to:
[email protected]